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Combination Car Seats

Combination Car Seats

What is a Combination Safety Seat?

The combination car seat is a special category of car seats in that it is a forward facing car seat that includes a booster seat along with a high-back chair and harness.  Combination seats are named for their ability to combine front-facing harnessed seats for smaller children and then later, after taking out the harness, turn into high back booster seats and even no-back boosters for bigger kids.

The combination car seat can easily be converted to a booster seat when the time is right. It is very important to check the weight limit of the harness. The concept is to allow for shoulder/lap belt use when your child reaches the right height. Another example for seating a child in the back seat is called a safety vest or harness system. This device is sometimes used in cases when a person wants to seat multiple children in the back seat, but the car cannot accommodate 3 seats across. These harness systems can also be used when you have an older car that only has lap belts since it has a top tether.

There is a wide range of children that the harness can fit, the weight range normally begins around 25 pounds for children and some designs the harness can be used up to an extra 90 pounds as your children grow.  When the harness has actually removed, the seat can be used as a belt-positioning booster seat and can fit a youngster up to approximately 120 pounds in weight sometimes.  Again you will need to check the seat specifications on the seat or in the user manual that comes with the seat, alternatively you can go to the retailers website and check there, or Google the seat model.

The current AAP assistance on best practice for safety seat usage, advises that your child ought to be seated back facing up until a minimum of 2 years old and to be transferred to an forward facing instructions if your youngster has actually gotten to the height capacity of the specific seat model.

The AAP has likewise claimed that the longer a youngster continues to be utilized the far better as well as some suppliers have, because of this, raised the seating capability of their harnesses to attempt to satisfy this demand much better.

Summarizing: As  moms and dads, the best choice for your youngster is to remain backward- facingup until at the very least 2 years old or longer if your child’s current seat will safely permit it.

Mix Car Seat FAQ

At what age is it ideal to transform a youngster right into a mix seat?

It is best to move a child into a combination seat at 2 years or older as the seat can just be use for longer and adjusted as your child grows.

What are the Height as well as Weight Limits of a Combination Seat?

The limitations of these seats differ commonly in between the various suppliers

Weight limit with harness 40 to 90 Pounds
Height limit with harness 30 to 58 Inches
Weight limit without harness Some seats as much as 120 Pounds
Height limit without harness Some seats approximately 62 Inches

At what age should my child stop using the harness?

It is much more secure for your child to continue to be in the harness untill they get outgrow the model Height and Weight limitations before you stop using a car seat.  A child is much more secure in the car seat than unsing the cars own seat belt.

Where can I obtain Ease-of-Use Ratings for Combination Car Seats?

You can obtain even more details from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (link to specific car seat section of the website),  NHTSA.  On all the ease-of-use for all sorts of child car seats.

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