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Evenflo Gold Revolve 360 Review – Get Your Child In and Out in a Breeze

Evenflo Gold Revolve 360 Review – Get Your Child In and Out in a Breeze

The Evenflo Gold Revolve 360 is a rotating baby car seat that supports up to 120 pounds of child weight. It offers 10 years of use and 3 different modes, growing with your little one. This innovative rotating car seat offers ultimate ease to load and unload your child. This means there’s no need to spend minutes fumbling with locks and latches to secure your kids.

It is equipped with the Sure360 Safety Installation System featuring LockStrong, which keeps the car seat base in place, and Tether360, which helps secure the seat in your car. The Sure360 Safety Installation System gives you an edge over the traditional EasyClick system and you can now keep your little one safe easily and quickly so that you’re ready to go immediately.

The most unique feature of the Evenflo Gold Revolve 360 baby car seat is Grow With Gold – 3 modes each offering different weight capacities to accommodate your child as they grow. The Rear-Facing mode comes with a harness and can hold from 4 to 40 pounds of weight. 

The Forward Facing mode is equipped with a harness as well and can comfortably seat a child of 22 to 65 pounds. The Booster mode comes with a seatbelt and is specially designed for older children weighing anywhere between 40 and 120 pounds. This allows your car seat to be used for up to 10 years. 

Made with superior quality polyester with premium finishings, the Evenflo Gold Revolve 360 is available in 4 gorgeous colors: Sapphire Blue, Opal Pink, or neutral shades like Moonstone Gray and Onyx Black. The covers are machine washable and should be removed and washed following the instructions given on the supplier’s website. 


Weight – 4.0 – 120.0 pounds

Height – 17.0 – 57.0 in

Steel Reinforced – Yes

Latch Installed – Yes

Lightweight – No

Rear-Facing Mode

Weight – 4.0 – 40.0 pounds

Height – 17.0 – 40.0 in

Forward-Facing Mode

Weight – 22.0 – 64.0 pounds

Height – 28.0 – 49.0 in

High Back Booster Mode

Weight – 40.0 – 120.0 pounds

Height – 44.0 – 57.0 in


  • Convenient – Easy to get the child in and out of the car.
  • 360 Degrees Maneuvering- The Sure360 Safety Installation System keeps your child safe and secure.
  • Grow With Gold – 10 years of use with 3 modes — Rear Facing, Forward Facing, and Booster.
  • On-the-Go Recline – Adjust your child’s seat without having to reinstall it or bothering your little one. 
  • Bead Level Indicator.
  • 14-Position Adjustable Headrest.
  • Gold Standard Safety – Rollover, side impact, 2x structural integrity tested.
  • Live Video Installation Support.
  • Evenflo Temperature Testing.

What Parents Liked

  • No struggle in loading and unloading their children.
  • Premium quality fabric and materials.
  • Easy to rotate.
  • Great padding and offers comfort.
  • Amazing security system.
  • Price is worth the money considering all the convenience it offers.

What Parents Didn’t Like

  •  Difficult to install.
  •  Extremely heavy.
  •  Makes moving car seats a bit tough

Evaluation Summary

The Evenflo Gold Revolve 360 received exemplary reviews of 4.5/5 stars on its website and 4.8/5 stars on Amazon. Parents showed immense satisfaction with the quality of the product as well as the comfort it offers to their little ones. 

“My newborn son rarely cries during car rides anymore,” one satisfied mother wrote. The feature that grabbed the most praise was the ease with which parents were able to get their kids in and out of the car. 

They claimed it saved them tons of time. According to customers, the Evenflo Gold Revolve 360, although steeply priced, is every bit worth the money because of the functionality and convenience it offers.

One of the common complaints expressed by parents seemed to have to do with difficulty installing the seat which can be promptly resolved thanks to Evenflo’s live video installation support. The car seat itself is quite heavy which makes it infeasible to remove or readjust.

The advantages of the Evenflo Gold Revolve 360 outweigh the drawbacks by quite a lot and the favorable reviews put it among the crème de la crème of baby car seats. Sturdy, functional, and comfortable, this innovative car seat will give you a bang for your buck.  


If you still feel uncertain about whether the Evenflo Gold Revolve 360 is the right fit for your little one then consider some other great Graco alternatives.

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